by Maura Colleton Corbett, Founder & CEO

Washington, DC: Where Talent is Queen


Yep, you read that right. Tucked between the government shutdown and the polar vortex was the release, last week, of the World Economic Forum 2019 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) in Davos that named Washington, DC the world’s top hub for entrepreneurial talent. Up five spots from last year, GTCI ranked DC in the top 10 for three of the five pillars, which included: the ability cities have to enable, attract, grow and retain talent, along with an ability to “be global”. And Dell’s 2018 Women Entrepreneur Cities Index named Washington, DC as the 7th top city in the world — yes, world — for women entrepreneurs. And, oh, you may have heard that Amazon is building a second headquarters here?

This is all both really cool and absolutely true. I am not a DC native and have long had to defend my decision to live in a “government” town. Now, you don’t have to argue with me about why that is not the case — you can go take it up with the World Economic Forum. Or maybe with Jeff Bezos. Let me know how you do.

People come to DC with ideas and with optimism. It’s astonishing how many people you meet who have a story to tell about how they came here to make things better. Combine that with a steady and connected economy, a highly-skilled and educated workforce, world-class academic institutions and a dynamic international population and you’ve got a major talent hub that attracts and nurtures entrepreneurship on a global scale.

And for the Glen Echo Group, even though we’ve yet to build our glass-enclosed, international world headquarters, we are moving fast and making things better. In a little over eight years, we’ve gone from the back booth of a local Starbucks to a 16-strong team of creative communicators who are changing how storytelling and advocacy are done every day, with every campaign, right here in the entrepreneurial capital of the world.

Note: This article originally appeared on Medium.