2010 - 2011

As you know, in lieu of an in-person extravaganza, we're celebrating our 10 year anniversary each month with a chapter of our decade together—our milestones and memories, all of the tech highs and lows and the fun we had along the way. Join us on social media (#10yearsGlenEcho) and at our 10 year anniversary site to reflect with us on how much has changed (or has it?) over the last decade.

Today, the spotlight is on the very beginning of the Glen Echo Group journey:


With Sprint in her back pocket and the zombie of Net Neutrality firmly behind her (and we all know that zombies never die), a reluctant entrepreneur readies herself to make the world safe for the disrupters, the dreamers and the creators – all from the back of a Bethesda Starbucks.

Media streaming had just reached a commercial audience, the iPhone 4 was a thing and the FCC delivered a National Broadband Plan to Congress. Where were you?


On March 20, 2011, a major announcement sent shockwaves through the industry – AT&T announced it would acquire fellow nationwide carrier and competitor, T-Mobile, for $39 billion.

Wireless competitors feared this transaction would cripple competition in the wireless market by eliminating one of the most innovative and affordable nationwide carriers. To stop the deal, the red-headed entrepreneur was joined by now COO and comms expert, Katie Barr. (Spoiler alert: they won.)

And we got a real office.

2011: NetCoalition SOPA/PIPA Campaign

Katie Barr,
"While our firm was still in its infancy, we were able to defeat two terrible pieces of legislation that would do significant damage to the open internet, educating and rallying together allies from both inside the beltway and across the entire Internet community.

Not only was the fight critical to the future of the open internet but it was an important win for our young firm as we worked to prove to the industry that we were here to stay."
A young Grace Corbett hard at work in Glen Echo Group’s first real office.
FCC Chair Julius Genachowski (reluctantly) vamps with what we think is the first Public Affairs QR code campaign to protect net neutrality (ours, naturally). CES 2011.
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