Families Belong Together

Don’t just make noise, #beheard.



In April 2018, President Donald J. Trump implemented a “zero tolerance” policy at the US-Mexico border, ordering federal authorities to separate immigrant children from their parents and relatives at the border. Outraged by the more than 2,300 immigrant children who were taken from their parents, more than 15,000 lawyer moms across the country banded together to create Lawyer Moms of America, a non-partisan organization to stand up for the rights of migrant families. Given Glen Echo Group’s reputation in the community, the new group turned to us for guidance and support in its communication and media strategy efforts to demand an end to family detention and help facilitate the reunification of children who were taken from their parents.



Lawyer Moms of America’s goal was simple: reunite families and end family detention. In order to drum up attention, the Glen Echo Group worked with the Lawyer Moms of America’s national team to pitch press, design an impactful social campaign and create cohesive messaging.




The Glen Echo Group developed a best practices social media toolkit to help inform Lawyer Moms of America’s social strategy and provided guidance on an ad hoc basis. Our extensive social media expertise helped Lawyer Moms of America increase both their following and follower engagement on Facebook and Twitter. The Glen Echo Group also helped develop a message bible to ensure interviews happening across the country all focused on a cohesive, unified mission and call-to-action. We also provided on-hands support in drafting and disseminated press releases and in fielding interview requests and answering media inquiries. Lastly, the Glen Echo Group created a comprehensive, secure content hub of all Lawyer Moms of America educational materials which could be accessed by members across the country.




With Glen Echo Group’s support, Lawyer Moms of America maintained a consistent drumbeat of messaging through social and earned media efforts, urging the President to reunite families. In a crowded environment, Lawyer Moms of America secured interviews with outlets ranging from mainstream broadcasters like MSNBC, Beltway podcasts like Political Persuasions, online news publications like Huffington Post and law outlets like Law360. The content hub also helped advocates across the country effectively deliver letters to their officials in a clear, concise and compelling manner.