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Unleashing Airwaves for InnovationWifiForward

For the United States to be a global economic leader, we need the best communications networks in the world. Nearly everything we do is wireless—or depends on fast, reliable movement of data. And the nation’s airwaves are key to those activities. How we manage these finite resources is paramount to promoting innovation across the economy.

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Protecting Free Speech OnlineYelp & TripAdvisor

User-driven business review services like Yelp and TripAdvisor help millions of people find the right restaurant, doctor, hotel and more. But some businesses, hoping to avoid negative reviews, began hiding non-disparagement clauses in their terms and services agreements. These hidden terms purported to restrict customers from leaving unfavorable reviews, exposing them to a potential lawsuit if they chose to do so. This questionable legal tactic scared off some consumers core to the success of these sites. We counseled the companies’ public policy and government affairs teams on this fundamental First Amendment issue.

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