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Going Back to the Future of PolicyTechFreedom

TechFreedom saw the election of a new administration in 2017 as an opportunity to take stock of our digital future and whether we have the policies and government structures to take advantage of opportunities while honestly confronting the challenges ahead. With a new Executive Director and a new vision, TechFreedom decided that they’d be the organization to step up and spark the conversation. In addition to crafting the event’s programming and securing high-profile speakers, the Glen Echo Group was tasked with creating compelling and memorable event branding and messaging for TechFreedom’s first-ever summer policy conference in Washington, DC, showcasing the organization as the think tank that makes tech policy ‘cool’.

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The Aesthetics of AdvocacyEngine

Engine is the voice of America's startup community, fighting for policies in Washington, D.C. and throughout the world, helping innovators thrive. The team tackles issues ranging from immigration and tech workforce diversity to data security and privacy, as well as foundational principles of the Open Internet and communications law. These issues can be weedy and complex. But seemingly small changes to regulations have far reaching implications for investment-strapped startups. Engine helps policymakers understand the nuances of complex policy issues before making laws that impact how companies innovate and create new ways for people to communicate.

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