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Meditation and sleep app Headspace is offering a free year of full access to all COVID-19 frontline responders and unemployed Americans. 

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The Washington Capitals, Wizards and Mystics are selling new t-shirts in an effort to raise money for frontline workers in the D.C. area. 

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With doggy day care closed, this FedEx driver has begun bringing his dachshunds (Chorizo & Cocoa) along with him on his route. 

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Tuesday, May 19th at 8 PM ET D.C’s Chicago/Detroit dive bar Ivy and Coney & craft cocktail bar Columbia Room will debate over one of life’s greatest questions : is a hot dog a sandwich? 

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Father Tim Pelc responsibly administered holy water from 6+ feet away via squirt gun during Holy Week last month. To his surprise, he became a meme

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Using the platform 6ftCloser, you can send a video message to healthcare employees working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. The platform was founded in April and over 1,000 workers have since received a personalized video “thank you note." 

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As a show of appreciation to frontline workers, a Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra violist and her family played an impromptu concert outside of the GW Hospital in DC.

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Good boy! A Virginia Tech therapy dog named Moose is set to receive an honorary diploma for “pawsitive” contributions to the university.
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From 80s night to “Red Carpet Ready,” this family in Maryland has organized over 50 themed dinners during their time in quarantine.

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Beginning on May 31, DC Fray will host “Sunday Funday Bingo” every week at 6 PM ET. It’s $5 to enter and 50% of all proceeds go to a local business or charity!
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After his daughter’s graduation ceremony was cancelled, a dad in Memphis, Tennessee built a makeshift graduation stage for his daughter in their driveway. 

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Earlier this month, penguins from the Kansas City Zoo took a special trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art to take in some Impressionist and Baroque collections. Check out highlights from Bubbles, Maggie & Berkley’s special day.

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