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We work on issues we believe in.

The work we do requires deep reserves of passion, creativity and time. We run a comprehensive process that often necessitates expertise in spaces where experts don’t yet exist. We care about the future of our digital world and we choose our clients and partners thoughtfully. 


Communicating is what we do. We know how to thread the needle for the right positioning. We know how to create the story that matters. And we know how to make sure that story is heard by the right people.

  • Media relations
  • Message development
  • Brand and reputation strategy
  • Coalition building/management
  • Branded content
  • Social media
  • Crisis communications
  • Corporate/executive communications
  • Data and analytics
  • Policy and political analysis
  • Media training

Our creative and design work is one of our superpowers. Whether it’s a simple 10-second video, a campaign landing page, a broadcast ad, or an issue-branded food truck that drives around Capitol Hill, we know how to get people to pay attention.

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Information design
  • Illustration
  • Event design and production
  • Video 
  • Animation
  • Website design and development
  • Graphic design
  • Digital analytics

Bringing people together is what we do. That could mean building a coalition with unexpected partners around a shared issue, hosting a day-long panel event that brings together key experts on a cause, or offering pro bono work to groups that need our help.

  • Tech policy network
  • Events and panels  
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Pro bono and outreach
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Banned Books Week With The American Library Association

With targeted book bans surging across the country, the American Library Association (ALA) partnered with the Glen Echo Group during 2022 Banned Books Week to spread awareness and educate audiences on concerns of rising censorship and its implications in libraries, classrooms and beyond.

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Protecting the Internet in Gonzalez v. Google

We created a small, strategic group of respected third party voices to coordinate on strategy and external communications throughout the case. This independent group was able to activate quickly to educate press and policymakers on the immeasurable impact of Section 230, bringing in more voices from the field when necessary. We created a library of assets for the group to use that explained the issue with clear and simple messaging and a microsite that served as a one stop shop for resources and history on the issue. At key points in the case, we assembled comprehensive panels of experts to educate tech, national and court reporters on the complexities of the issue.

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A Full Spectrum Future For Wi-Fi

Over 20 years ago, the FCC allocated airwaves in the 5.9 GHz frequency band for a service called DSRC that was supposed to help cars “talk” to infrastructure and each other, alerting drivers if they were going to hit something. But after two decades—an eternity, considering the other automotive safety innovations we’ve seen—DSRC had barely been deployed, meaning this spectrum has been largely unused. Our airwaves are limited and, in our wireless world, many other essential services could take advantage of that spectrum—particularly Wi-Fi.

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Fighting Cyber Criminals with the Ransomware Task Force

By 2020, ransomware attacks began to rapidly escalate, infiltrating computer networks across the world. These attacks by hackers and cybercriminals hold data hostage unless and until ransoms are paid, usually in cryptocurrency. These so-called ransomware attacks began growing in number throughout 2020, attracting concern from government officials, cybersecurity companies and law enforcement.

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Protecting Free Speech On Review Platforms

User-driven business review services like Yelp and TripAdvisor help millions of people find the right restaurant, doctor, hotel and more. But some businesses, hoping to avoid negative reviews, began hiding non-disparagement clauses in their terms and services agreements—exposing unsuspecting users to potential lawsuits. This questionable legal tactic began to scare off users core to the success of these sites. We counseled the companies’ public policy and government affairs teams on this fundamental First Amendment issue.

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Freedom Without Borders: Defending the Press

In the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) aimed to highlight the significance of press freedom and underscore Congress' responsibility in safeguarding it. To achieve this, they initiated the #DefendPressFreedom ad campaign, urging the American electorate to question Congressional candidates about their strategies for upholding press freedom if elected in November.

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Helping Cyber Non-Profits in the Hewlett Cyber Initiative

The Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative was created to build research and public policy capabilities in the field, spread across 34 different grantee organizations. At a time when cyber attacks continued to escalate in severity and number, it was critical that visibility of the work produced by this Initiative be clear and accessible to cybersecurity stakeholders.

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Creating A Diverse Reality: XRA Limitless Voices Campaign

Just as the future of immersive technology is limitless, so too are the vast number of voices making this technology possible. The XR Association’s (XRA) “Limitless Voices” campaign celebrates diversity within the XR ecosystem, laying the groundwork to attract and build a diverse talent pipeline for the industry.

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Future Of Free Speech On Campus

Recognizing the need for thoughtful, constructive dialogue around the First Amendment and its impact on campus, the press, the Internet and beyond, the University of California National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement enlisted the Glen Echo Group to brand, organize, publicize, and execute its inaugural conference on campus free speech.

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