2020: the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. It also happened to be the year the Glen Echo Group turned 10, but honestly, who was celebrating anything? Instead, we focused on the small, everyday wins like wearing real pants, correctly guessing the right day of the week and the unexpected kindnesses that bloomed like flowers amidst the darkness of a very difficult year.

2021: first and foremost, we made it through 2020. And while the first 26 days have already put a weary nation through the wringer of ups and downs, we are hopeful. And while we had high hopes of an actual, in-person, crazy anniversary extravaganza, well... you know the rest. However, we shall not be daunted, digital friends. We will wait no longer. We are moving our 10-year birthday party to the Interwebs, that nutty series of tubes that got us all here in the first place. So come along with us...
Over the course of the year, we'll take a trip through the last decade together—our milestones and our memories, all of the tech highs and lows and the merriment we made along the way. Watch this space every month or so for something to make you chuckle, groan or smile (or all three—this is tech, after all) to remind you of where we've been (or shouldn't have) and the roads we will travel next, which hopefully include actual human contact and a real 10-year party.

As ever, this is a community effort and we wouldn't be here without all of you, so please chime in with your stories, your pictures and your memories over the last decade because we’d love to include them.

Let us make this a Happy New Year indeed!