Potential Threats To The Internet's Freedom Of Expression

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Featured on: The National Press Club’s Update-1 Podcast

Chances are, you’ve relied on an Internet user to tell you where to find the best tacos in the city or the most reliable auto shop within a 10 mile radius. It’s even possible that you’ve left a review for one of these things yourself. But the onset of new, more advanced technology has raised a number of questions and concerns about consumers’ freedom of expression online. Are Internet reviewers at risk of a lawsuit if they write about a negative experience? Are companies within their rights to take legal action against negative review-writing customers? Our very own Matthew Ballard spoke with Yelp’s Public Policy Director, Laurent Crenshaw, and Emma Llansó, director of the Free Expression Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology, to see if they could answer any of these questions, especially in light of President Obama’s recent measure, The Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016.

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