Recapping the Summer of AI

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Missed out on Glen Echo Group’s Summer of AI? Catch up quick!

At Glen Echo, we look at the impacts of emerging technologies from all angles so that we can offer our clients well-rounded guidance on the thorniest questions in tech policy. The emergence of generative AI tools has sparked several: Will robots take our jobs? Will AI further crystallize algorithmic bias? Is AI a cybersecurity shield or simply another attack vector?

This summer, we took on several of the issues around AI that will be the focus for policymakers in the months ahead―from the future of work to how we secure an AI-enabled world. Our experts shared valuable insights, which you can catch up on below.

maura color

Maura kicked off the Summer of AI with her timely op-ed in Tech Policy Press, which picked apart the hype around AI. She reminded us all to take a breath and take stock of the tools at our disposal.

“We have over three decades of laws and regulation to help us to address AI’s most immediate challenges, including privacy, copyright and cybersecurity, in addition to laws that protect against bias, hate and discrimination.” — Maura Corbett, Founder and CEO

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Lama shared a recap of her “AI 101” training at this year’s Girl Security x Argo Community High School Summer Program, a weeklong training on various facets of national security offered to Chicagoland students interested in pursuing a career in the field. Lama’s training went past the basics and into the social benefits―and risks―of AI tools.

“It is important to remember that technology is not neutral. Technology, because it is created and used by humans, will almost always contain some type of bias, whether it is racial, gender, or ability bias. It is therefore the responsibility of technologists to create and institute pipelines that enhance diversity and inclusion at the beginning of product design and testing.” — Lama Mohammed, Senior Associate

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Connor explained the cybersecurity opportunities and challenges posed by AI. Day in and day out, Connor witnesses the tension between privacy and innovation as he assists a range of cybersecurity clients with press relations, public affairs, policy work and advocacy.

“Artificial intelligence is being implemented into major search engines and social media platforms, all before cybersecurity is seriously considered. We hear the same message from many of our experts – don’t implement something without securing it first.” —Connor Farry, Director

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Andrea explored how AI is not only changing the work for our clients but also reshaping the work we do and the practices we follow.

“As we see the expanded use of generative AI, we must use it in a way that respects intellectual property rights and mitigates privacy risks. For us, that means making sure we’re incorporating generative AI responsibly and crafting transparent, iterative guidelines to use across our company.” —Andrea O'Neal, Senior Director

The Summer of AI may be over, but we'll be following the important issues surrounding AI into the fall and beyond. So stay tuned, and if you have questions for our experts, reach out to us.