The Fellow Files: Mikay

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An interview with our Creative Fellow, Mikay Marcelino:

What are three things you learned from your fellowship?

The three things I've learned are:

  1. Becoming a part of a company is vital, but it's not just being part of it, it's bringing something that helps grow the company. Almost as a family.
  2. Communication helps the team work best since as a fellow you will learn something every day.
  3. No skill is useless, all knowledge is power.

What drew you to GEG?

What drew me in was the office environment and how happy everyone looked. The first thing you see is an awesome chalk wall and then spot out how everyone's desk looks. There is a character in every desk — no one is boring. Everyone has a story.

What advice would you give to future fellows?

Do not be afraid to put your best foot forward and do not doubt your steps. Become great friends with everyone here because everyone is awesome, as cheesy as it sounds. Everyone has something they can teach you in a sense. This office and the team have a positive energy — let that get attached to you. Also, take advantage of that nitro cold brew =D.

What advice would you give yourself on your first day, knowing what you know now?

Don't be nervous. Talk more because everyone here isn't a robot, it's not one of those offices where everyone is serious all the time. There is a right and wrong time and way of doing things. Organizing must become a habit and makes your coworkers happy.

What was one of your favorite tasks? What did you like about it?

One of my favorite tasks was to create things for social media. There were a lot of growing pains in learning and understanding how a brand works and speaks through social media. But every time one of my graphics was posted I felt joy and a need to nod my head and say "yeah I made that for this awesome company I am working for." I'm forever learning and watching my skills improve.

Which skills did you have that were the most helpful during your fellowship?

I believe one of my skills that shined brightly was my photography.

What were your first impressions on your first day? How did those impressions change?

Everyone is super dope and awesome at their job, leaving me curious to understand how everyone accumulated their knowledge. My impression changed by realizing that everyone works hard and loves what they do. From putting in late extra hours to paying attention to the details like how they dress and how to do things the exact right way, the GEG staff never stops.

How does this fellowship fit into your current or future goals?

I sort of realize there is still A LOT for me to learn. I can now pinpoint my weaknesses and strengths. Now I have new goals: being a better photographer, improving my communication/how I present myself professionally and mastering a program like After Effects. I would love one day to either be part of a creative team in tech policy again or — who knows — maybe do photography gigs for Glen Echo so I can remain close to you guys again.

What's your favorite thing about GEG?

There is a lot of space for growth and learning. You can learn something from everyone every day. ALWAYS a positive vibe even in times of stress. No sad desk lunches makes it easier to get to know everyone.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I'm going to miss this place. I'm sure any fellow that comes here will fall in love with the company and the people just like I did. Glen Echo team, stay forever awesome. Until fate crosses our paths one day!