The Fellow Files: Sarah

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It’s not everyday that you get to work on digital justice issues with a world-class public affairs firm— at Glen Echo Group, however, it is. I was a Fellow with Glen Echo Group four months (and am now an Associate!), and every day was an unparalleled learning experience.

From drafting social media and blog posts to writing Op-Eds and getting them placed in some of the top publications in the country, to doing media sweeps and outreach and putting together press lists for key events, the Glen Echo Group team didn’t just keep me busy as a Fellow; they kept me engaged in the work, allowing me to explore both the technical aspects and the broader implications of what we do here.

As a recent graduate from a liberal arts college, I’ve thought a lot about how to use my professional journey to make the world better. That’s exactly what we do at Glen Echo Group. I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with these kind, talented, and perceptive people who always push me to be better and to do better for our clients. The perfect balance of supported autonomy means that I’m always learning, in ways which honor what I bring to the table while also expanding my skillset.

I’ve learned how to structure and churn out quality Op-Eds on short notice, how to write the perfect satirical Tweet, and how to position a new campaign for success. I’ve researched a dizzying range of topics, attended fascinating panels on topics that I never had the chance to study in college and learned more about broadband than I ever thought I would. Each project has been a unique challenge and an opportunity to grow, and I’ve loved every minute.

Ultimately, this fellowship fully brought my writing, marketing, and communications background into the tech world. As our world goes digital, so must our storytelling. Being able to make sense of, and write about, the electronic systems which shape our society is immensely valuable. Translating techspeak for wider audiences is both fascinating and heartening; I know that I’m making a difference and paving the way for a better future.

If you’re like me and curious about public affairs, the human side of technology, or how to use your writing to change the world, I wholeheartedly recommend the Glen Echo fellowship experience. There is no better place to learn the ropes, and no better team to learn from.