Banned Books Week With The American Library Association

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With targeted book bans surging across the country, the American Library Association (ALA) partnered with the Glen Echo Group during 2022 Banned Books Week to spread awareness and educate audiences on concerns of rising censorship and its implications in libraries, classrooms and beyond.



The unprecedented rise of book bans targeting under-represented communities put unlikely spokespeople at the center of critical cultural conversations: librarians. 


We helped them share their stories, developing the press releases and talking points that also highlighted the disproportionate impact of book bans on LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities and revealed an attempt to curb free speech. We then developed a roster of local and national press outlets that we knew would be interested in telling that story. 


We secured coverage in the Associated Press, The Guardian, Library Journal, The New York Times, NPR, POLITICO, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and The Washington Post. Throughout 2022 Banned Books Week, the American Library Association saw far-reaching interest and concern on this topic.


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