Creating A Diverse Reality: XRA Limitless Voices Campaign

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Like much of the tech industry, XR has struggled to build a diverse talent pipeline. But in order to ensure the responsible development of XR technology, the people developing it must represent the world at large. So XRA turned to the Glen Echo Group to create an organic social media campaign that would celebrate and elevate the diverse creators, leaders and engineers already in this world, signaling to others that they too belong here.



We designed a campaign timed around external touch points like Black History Month, Pride Month, Asian Pacific Islander Month and others to foster an ongoing narrative highlighting XRA’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. The campaign celebrated the current breadth of diversity already present in the industry, and raised a call to action to build out a diverse and equitable pipeline for future XR leaders.


XRA’s social channels have seen increased engagement since the implementation of this DEI campaign. Top posts month over month featured individuals from the campaign.

Highlights from Twitter in February (campaign launch):

  • 112% Increase In Impressions
  • 93% Increase In Engagement
  • 120% Increase In Post Reach
  • 180% Increase In Post Engagement

Other highlights:

  • All top posts across all social channels that month featured individuals from the Limitless Voices campaign.
  • Top tweet in March was the first Limitless Voices campaign highlight, receiving 1,593 impressions and 15% engagement rate.

The campaign caught the attention of XRA’s board, member companies and the broader XR community and has continued as a pillar of XRA’s social platforms.


Increase in

Twitter impressions


Increase in

Twitter engagement


Increase in

Twitter post reach

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