Fighting Cyber Criminals with the Ransomware Task Force

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By 2020, ransomware attacks began to rapidly escalate, infiltrating computer networks across the world. These attacks by hackers and cybercriminals hold data hostage unless and until ransoms are paid, usually in cryptocurrency. These so-called ransomware attacks began growing in number throughout 2020, attracting concern from government officials, cybersecurity companies and law enforcement.



In April 2021, the Institute for Security and Technology (IST) launched the Ransomware Task Force (RTF) to respond to the threat of devastating ransomware attacks. The entity, made up of 60 experts from both the public and private sectors globally, needed help translating its complex recommendations for the public and getting its report in front of policymakers and the press.


The Glen Echo Group helped create an integrated communications strategy to promote the recommendations, including a day-long event to highlight the RTF’s initial recommendations, social media campaign and extensive print and broadcast press outreach.


The RTF launch was a significant success, with press coverage in dozens of outlets, including coverage by The Hill, The Washington Post, NPR, POLITICO, CyberScoop, CBS News and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The organization’s financial support expanded after this successful launch and the RTF has continued to grow. In 2024 it will celebrate its third anniversary with a progress report and in-person event supported by Glen Echo Group.


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