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The Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative was created to build research and public policy capabilities in the field, spread across 34 different grantee organizations. At a time when cyber attacks continued to escalate in severity and number, it was critical that visibility of the work produced by this Initiative be clear and accessible to cybersecurity stakeholders.



The Hewlett Foundation supported a large number of Cyber Initiative grantees with varying degrees of communications capabilities. The Glen Echo Group was tasked with helping these grantees gain meaningful press attention and amplifying their web and social media content to boost their impact.


The Glen Echo Group met 10+ grantee organizations where they were and determined the top communication needs that fit each organization’s strategic vision. Whether it was expanding traditional media outreach, developing branded assets or providing digital counsel and support, we created and executed custom communications plans for each organization.


The Glen Echo Group launched a bi-weekly newsletter, “Code Review” which was sent out to hundreds of recipients, including top-tier cyber and technology reporters. Code Review highlighted the ongoing work and noteworthy media hits of Cyber Initiative grantees and boasted an impressive open rate, 20-50% above the industry average.

Our team tapped its extensive network of press contacts to facilitate and staff countless interviews with relevant tech, national security and cyber reporters. Through our press outreach, Hewlett Cyber Initiative grantees have garnered thousands of media mentions, including op-ed placements and press hits in top national publications and broadcast outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, POLITICO and CBS News.


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